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3 days ago

In this episode, Adam and his special guest, UX expert Damian Rees, examine how your eCommerce store can make the best first impression on visitors.
First impressions are as important for websites as they are for people. When customers land on your website, they make various assumptions and look for familiar patterns, navigation clues, and trust signals.
If they don't find them, they experience friction and are quick to leave. Listen to the podcast and find out how your eCommerce store can make a great first impression.
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Monday Jun 17, 2024

If you want your eCommerce store to perform well, your images have to be on point. Visual communication is how you can start a conversation with your audience the moment they land in your eCommerce store. You'll be surprised at the impact small visual details can have.
For more more tips and tricks for the effective use of images in your eCommerce store, download our Retail Mind Games white paper -

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

Ever wondered just how much those star ratings and customer comments affect buying decisions? You might be surprised! In this episode of the Real eCommerce Podcast, we're getting real about the impact of reviews. Tune in for some eye-opening truths and learn how to make reviews work harder for you.

Monday Mar 18, 2024

In this episode we focus on improving eCommerce landing pages by answering four essential questions: Who you help, the problems your audience faces, what you help them achieve, and how you help them. Tune in to hear how to tailor your landing pages to answer these questions, focus on clarity, and stop making landing pages that fail.

Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

In this episode, we asked Adam to give us his best recipe for an eCommerce landing page that turns visitors into buyers. Tune in to find out the key ingredients that make up the perfect landing page formula.
Now, let's see what he's talking about in action. Here are some examples of stunning eCommerce landing pages done right.
1. iPhone 15
What makes it good?
Visual Content & Product in Use: this engaging landing page uses high-quality images and 3D views to showcase the iPhone 15 from different angles and perspectives. The visual content highlights the sleek design, vibrant colours and impressive features of the product.
Make Buyers Feel Special: ways to shop include one-to-one personal sessions and bespoke shopping experiences. Direct language also makes buyers feel special and as though the phone has been designed specifically for them. 
Prominent CTAs: The ‘Buy’ button above the fold is a simple call-to-action that uses a clear and direct action verb to encourage visitors to take action and purchase the product. The blue button stands out against the white background, capturing attention. The price is included directly underneath, immediately providing visitors with key information. 
Alternative Ways to Shop: trade-in options are mentioned at the top of the page, with more ways to ‘shop and save’, such as monthly payment options and shopping in the app. 
Mobile Optimised Design: the iPhone 15 landing page maintains its high quality, visual appeal and responsiveness across mobile devices. Images and videos load fast and all content is optimised to fit smaller screens. 
2. GoPro Hero 12
What makes it good?
Visual Content & Product in Use: this product landing page is packed with high-quality images and videos demonstrating how the GoPro HERO12 can be used to film a variety of activities. The videos also showcase new features of the HERO12 such as stabilisation, autoboost and horizon-lock. 
Social Proof: the reviews section of this landing page is helpful for those deciding whether to make a purchase. It consists of recent five-star ratings from verified buyers. There’s also a Q&A section with answers to questions from potential buyers.
Makes the Buyer Feel Special/Relatable: the images and videos show the product being used by people who share the buyer’s passion and lifestyle. There’s a clear indication that the product is designed for this specific target audience.
Prominent CTAs: the ‘Add to Cart’ CTA remains on the screen on both desktop and mobile devices as a visitor scrolls down the page, making it easy and convenient for them to buy the product at any point. 
Value Proposition: as this landing page explores key features of the GoPro, it details the benefits for the user with messaging such as, “It’s compact, easy-to-use, and designed to go anywhere” and “smooth, even lighting in a range of conditions.”
Mobile Optimised Design: this landing page maintains its stunning visual appeal on mobile devices and navigation is quick and easy. All videos load fast and play automatically as visitors scroll down the page. 
3. ASUS ROG Ally
What makes it good?
Visual Content & Product in Use: this highly interactive product landing page is bursting with vibrant and engaging video content, moving visuals, graphs and 3D graphics that demonstrate the technical features of the product.
Social Proof & Comparisons: at the top of the page, before going into greater detail about the features of the product, there are sections with links to awards, video reviews and media reviews, illustrating that the brand aims to convey how its product is superior to others on the market.
Makes Buyers Feel Special/Relatable: throughout this landing page, the brand illustrates how it has the end user in mind by using messaging such as “If you have a larger game library, the Ally has you covered” and “Share the fun by connecting to a TV and pairing multiple controllers.”
Prominent CTAs: as the visitor scrolls down the page, the menu bar remains above the fold, making it convenient to find specific information about the product, including the Tech Specs, or make a purchase via the ‘Buy Now’ button which stands out in red.
Value Proposition: as a high value product which is much more expensive than direct competitors like Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, a potential buyer needs to be convinced to spend the additional money. Therefore, this page is packed with technical details, features and benefits, with a focus on the device performance and design as key selling points.
Mobile Optimised Design: the immersive user experience of this landing page is maintained seamlessly on smaller screens. For a web page that’s so packed with engaging visuals and content, the fast load time is impressive. The YouTube reviews also load quickly when clicked on.

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

Should you be using landing pages as an eCommerce store? The short answer is yes, you should!
Listen to this episode on how effective eCommerce landing pages can be the secret to catching shoppers' attention, ramping up sales, saving on ads, and rising up in online searches.

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